About Our Company

Melanin3 Media is comprised of three entertainment enthusiasts with over 15 years of combined industry experience in multiple entertainment fields. Alicia Rollins, Brandon “OneNine” Singleton, and Letrece Griffin, assume the roles of Creative Director, Visual Director, and Executive Producer/Branding Consultant.


The team released their first project in July 2016. With the approval of the Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and musician, PJ Morton, the trio created a thematic spectacle to compliment the bounce version of “New Orleans Girl,” which was released on Morton’s Bounce & Soul Mixtape in March 2016. To date, the video has well over 100,000.


Melanin3 Media's newest project is a documentary entitled, “Shades of Her: A Commentary on Colorism,” which will be released in October 2017. The documentary explores the nuances of skin tone in African American women in a unique and poignant way. By utilizing both dance and expression, the viewer sees and hears women share their stories of how the color of their skin has affected their lives, how they see themselves, and how they interact with others. The film aims at breaking down stereotypical barriers placed on African American women, all while advocating empowerment and unity among women.


Melanin3 Media's ultimate goal is to provide content that is both entertaining and thought provoking. Proving that three minds are better than one, Melanin3 works collectively as a team to bring quality projects that defy expectations and elevate thinking.

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